El Cabure

Farm Facts:

- Land area 1,161 hectares.

- The first property purchased in the west and is now completely developed as a fully functioning dairy farm.

- Improvements include one 40 bale rotary dairy and one 48 bale herringbone dairy.

- 17% of area undergoing pasture renovation via summer forage and silage producing crops.

Valle De Soba

Farm Facts:

- Farm purchased in 2005, one of the first properties to be acquired.

- Land area 625 hectares.

- Used solely as a dairy support block with young stock from El Cabure and Menafra

- 20% of farm dedicated for sorghum silage and summer forage production.

- Fully developed with stock water, fencing and roading.

- 320 ha fescue pastures have been sown over the last 3 seasons.

- Stocked with 950 heifers and 650 cows as at November 2008.

Mena Fra (Monitor Farm)

Farm Facts:

- Land area 1,019 hectares (including Montesano).

- First farm under a Kiwi Management model.

- Two dairies constructed and commissioned for milking in Spring 2007.

- 1,620 cows in milk as at November 2008.

- 860 calves reared in Spring 2008.

- Roading and fencing development completed.

- Dam construction for irrigation completed.

- Stock water system completed.

- Two pivot irrigators installed and operational with 290 hectares under irrigation.

- 4 new houses completed for staff acommodation.

Los Naranjos

Farm Facts:

- Land area 944 hectares.

- Farm purchased in August ‘07.

- Located at Sarandi de Navarro that is 100km from Young and 300km from Montevideo.

- Mostly native pastures.

- 70% of farm with high index soil types (118+).

- Excellent location with Sarandi de Navarro 2km from boundary.

- Limited infrastructure in terms of housing, water and subdivision.

- As at November 2008 property stocked with 1500 heifers, 380 in calf and 600 for AI.

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