San Pedro

Farm Facts:

- Land area 1,002 hectares.

- Acquired July ‘07.

- Located in the Florida region comprising two dairies with 24-aside herringbones featuring Westfalia electronic milking plants.

- Substantial amount of improved pasture and low fertility has been addressed with fertiliser application.

- Purchased as a ‘going concern’ it has excellent location and is situated next to a high quality hotel complex.

- One existing house has been renovated and a new brick dairy manager’s and staff housing has been built.

- Pasture improvement complete.

- Livestock water systems fully installed.

- Roading and fencing systems 100% complete.

- Irrigation dam complete.

- The first of three pivot irrigators has been constructed.

- At Nov 08 livestock numbers were 1,080 milking cows with a further 350 heifers and 650 calves.

La Gandara

Farm Facts:

- Land area 590 hectares.

- Central region located close to the Las Naranjales (C3), Cuñatay and Doña Celia properties at San Gabriel.

- 40km from Florida and 120km from Montevideo.

- Excellent existing house has been renovated.

- Two new brick houses for staff accommodation have been completed.

- Re-grassing and fertility improvement programmes are complete.

- Excellent contour and shaped farm.

- Roading, fencing and water systems are all 100 % completed.

- New dairy has been operational from October ‘08.

- Irrigation dam complete and filling with water now.

- First of three planned pivot irrigators has been erected and will soon be operative.

- Livestock numbers at Nov ‘08 are 500 milking cows, 100 AI cows and 300 calves.

Los Naranjales

Farm Facts:

- Land area 3,210 hectares, including the Las Piedritas block.

- Located at San Gabriel 40km from Florida and 110 km from Montevideo.

- Significant amount of new and improved pastures, comprising fescue, red & white clover, and some ryegrass.

- This farm was purchased with a high standard of farm maintenance and improvements.

- Existing houses & buildings in excellent repair.

- New house constructed for personnel.

- New government initiated housing development (approximately 40 houses) has been constructed on farm boundary.

- Excellent contour and shape which is easily convertible to the Fund model.

- First dairy complete and operating with the second ready in March 2009.

- First of three dams is constructed and filling with water.

- Fencing 30 % complete, roading 35 % complete.

- Water system and troughs fully installed.

- First two of six planned pivot irrigators have been erected and will soon be operative.

- At end Nov ‘08, livestock comprised 940 miking cows, 2,950 heifers, 1,000 steers and 1,770 calves.

Dona Celia

Farm Facts:

- 2,085 hectares.

- Acquired in Nov ‘07.

- Located adjacent to La Gandara and close to Cuñatay, Los Naranjales on sealed Route 6.

- Rolling contour with good cropping soils.

- Two existing large manager’s and staff housing with excellent infrastructure.

- One large combined dairy manager’s and staff housing being completed as at Nov ‘08.

- New dairy being commissioned in Dec ‘08.

- Irrigation dam completed and filling.

- Roading and fencing 50 % completed.

- Livestock water system and troughs completed.

- Four pivot irrigators are planned for installation.

- Livestock numbers at Nov ‘08 are 2400 AI cows and heifers and 1000 calves.

La Leticia

Farm Facts:

- Land area 2,100 hectares.

- 80% improved pastures.

- The farm is an established property with a very old (150 year) confined farm dairy feed shed and comprises of well maintained farm buildings and an excellent high quality main farm house.

- Good quality secondary housing for farm staff.

- Top quality ancillary buildings and electricity.

- The farm has previously been in dairying and has good water and roading.

- Farm quarry available with good access.

- 3200 head of livestock in total; 680 cows in milk as at November 2008.

- Water storage dam completed & awaiting filling.

- Units 1 & 3 roading and fencing completed.

- New 48 aside herringbone dairy commissioned in Jan ‘09.

- Another dairy is planned to be ready by March ‘09.

- Located close to the town of Florida, which has excellent services and schooling.

Cunatay (Gerona)

Farm Facts:

- 650 hectares.

- Acquired in April ‘08.

- Farm located close to village of San Gabriel.

- The rear boundaries of Cuñatay and La Gandara are very close to each other.

- Existing very small dairy and house have been partially renovated until more major development can be completed.

- Livestock water system and troughs are 100 % completed.

- Two pivot irrigators are planned

Sta. Elvira (Martinez)

Farm Facts:

- 1,796 hectares.

- Acquired in April ‘08.

- Located further away from San Gabriel but in a well known and prime farming area.

- Adjacent to San Pedro farm.

- Rolling contour with excellent cropping areas and with good road access.

- Excellent existing house and outbuildings and general infrastructure.

- Platforms for two future dairies have been constructed.

- Two of three irrigation dams have been completed.

- Roading construction progress is 20 %.

- Water systems are 85 % complete.

- Livestock at Nov ‘08 is 1000 cows and 150 heifers.

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