Investors' Information

Shares on Issue:

244,236,495 fully paid to $1.00

Balance Date:

30 June

Results Announced:

August (annual), February (half-year)

Dividend Dates:

The Board has determined that no dividend will be paid in respect of the 2010/2011 financial year.

Share Registrar:

Computershare Investor Services Limited,

Private Bag 92119,

Auckland 1020

T (09) 488 8777

Investor Relations:

NZ Farming Systems Uruguay

Divina Comedia 1637


Montevideo CP 11.500


Silvina Crosa, Chief Financial Officer, NZ Farming Systems Uruguay

P: +598 2604-1595

Mob: +598 99 542-090



- Vivek Verma (Chairman)

- Sathyamurthy Mayilswamy

Senior Management:

- Sathyamurthy Mayilswamy

- Ricardo Lopez

- Silvina Crosa

- Francisco Hughes

- Ignacio Goicoechea

- Daniel Paredes

- Manuel Ternande

How to Invest

NZ Farming Systems Uruguay is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX)

You can invest via any registrated share broker

Applying New Zealand farming expertise in South America

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